Are you looking for strength and conditioning at your own pace? Do you long for a fitness community that offers group fitness classes and a great atmosphere? Town Strength is proud to be the best strength and conditioning gym in Boulder — and we’ve got the success stories and over 50 five-star Google reviews to prove it.

But what is strength and conditioning, exactly? It’s not CrossFit and we don’t just focus solely on putting our clients on treadmills or through yoga routines. It involves drills and intervals to boost aerobic capacity, mobility exercises to keep your joints and ligaments moving smoothly through full range of motion, and basic weightlifting routines to build muscle mass. We take a whole-body approach, training you to improve your athletic performance, prevent injury, and achieve your unique fitness goals.

Strength and conditioning help you to improve your athletic performance. Even if you’re a runner or cyclist, you can benefit from strength and conditioning workouts. Getting stronger can only help you improve in your sport or recreational activity of choice. More explosive muscle power that you gain from training with us translates to faster splits, PR’s, and any other number of other successes in just about any sport you can think of.

But strength and conditioning training doesn’t just help you best your competitors in games and races. You can benefit even if you don’t plan on taking your athletics to a competitive level because strength and conditioning is key to injury prevention — and we’re pretty sure every athlete no matter what level is interested in that!

Training your body in ways that improve explosive power, mobility, and aerobic capacity help you keep up with the rigors of day to day life and training while keeping your body primed. Strength and conditioning is actually proven to reduce the occurrence of injuries by improving muscle function and joint mobility and is especially effective in helping to avoid overuse injuries!

You can pursue your unique fitness goals through strength and conditioning. Looking to lose weight? Strength and conditioning can help you shed pounds and gain muscle, all while helping you not feel winded after walking up the stairs. Training for a major athletic event? Our personal training or group fitness classes will help you build the aerobic capacity and muscle strength to hit new personal records and best the competition. And if you’re just looking for a way to make the daily tasks of life a little easier, strength and conditioning can help you run further, lift heavier, walk faster, and feel more mobile and flexible than you ever have before.

This is what makes Town Strength in Boulder so different from other gyms! We not only help you craft a program of fitness that will help you achieve your desired goals, but we equip you with the skills and techniques to do each exercise safely and with solid form. Whether you’re training for a half-marathon, full marathon, want to be able to ski better, or just want to be able to achieve a PR in an upcoming 5K, you’ll encounter a unique variety of strength exercises (using barbells, free weights, and bodyweight exercises) as well as conditioning drills (think sprints, stairs, burpees, and more!).

At Town Strength, we understand that everyone comes to the gym with different backgrounds, abilities, goals, schedules, and insecurities. Not everyone knows their way around a squat rack or barbell, and we totally get that! That’s why our staff is skilled in making you feel comfortable no matter your skill level. You may walk in without knowing the difference between a back squat and deadlift, but you’ll end up learning about both and being able to perform both lifts well! We want to walk with you to help you achieve your fitness goals at a pace and at a time that works for you, help you to find a great community, and most importantly, get in a great workout.

Town Strength is located in the heart of Boulder, Colorado. We aren’t your average gym, and a membership with us isn’t your average gym membership. If you’re looking for a gym that doesn’t really care about your fitness goals, achievements, or success, then don’t consider Town Strength — because we’re super invested in making sure you have the best experience and resources possible to be the best you can be. We have a host of unique offerings from group fitness classes and personal training, to remote coaching and more.

Read on to learn more about what we offer at Town Strength!