Town Strength is perhaps best known for our group fitness classes. Our strength and conditioning classes are perfect for those that prefer to work out in a small group atmosphere while still having the benefit of plenty of one-on-one attention from one of our expert coaches. Our group fitness classes are pre-programmed well in advance, so you know exactly what to expect. We also offer a variety of strength and conditioning classes so you can choose those that best align with your goals, needs, and abilities.

Why work out in a small group? We get it that many people like the solitude of personal training or working out alone. But if you’re one of those types that thrives on community, our group fitness classes are definitely for you.

Group fitness classes help make working out less boring if you tend to get bored when wandering around the gym on your own. And it gives you a unique community of people from all around Boulder, all with the common goal of becoming stronger and more fit. You can count on high-energy, motivating, and exciting group fitness classes at Town Strength in Boulder!

We offer a unique array of group fitness classes to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be, as well! You won’t get bored with rote cardio classes or the same old spin classes here. We focus on training the whole body for increased aerobic capacity and greater muscle strength through a variety of cardio drills and weightlifting routines.

One of our most popular classes is Peak Strength. In this class you’ll participate in a weightlifting program cycle to bring your body through all the compound movements including deadlifts, front and back squats, hip thrusts, bench press, overhead press and chin ups, and more. This is the best class to help you gain strength and achieve your goals by pumping some serious iron and building some serious muscle mass! The best part is, you won’t be doing it alone. Our group class will help you to work through the light, moderate, and heavy reps as a team, supporting one another along the way.

Another favorite class among our clients is the Power Pyramid. This unique class is a total body workout that will help you build muscle strength and explosiveness as well as endurance. If you’re more interested in high-rep work rather than heavy weight work, this class is for you. You’ll be doing very high rep sets (in the hundreds!) of various exercises to help you get a high-intensity workout with kettlebells, steel maces, sandbags, dumbbells, the rower, the bike, the sled, and more. If you’re looking for a serious workout to help you improve your fitness faster than you ever thought possible, this class can help you get there.

Our Strength Circuit class is also a popular one among people of all ages and abilities. This class will help you improve your anaerobic threshold by utilizing intervals of no more than 2 minutes. You’ll do hard work and feel the burn, but only for short periods of time. But this kind of anaerobic exercise is proven to help your muscles grow and your muscle strength to skyrocket. In this class we utilize things like kettlebells, sandbags, steel bells, dumbbells, and more.

If you’re a true resident of Colorado, you’ll love our Ski Patrol class. This class is geared specifically towards those who plan to hit the slopes. Yes, this class will help you train to become a better, healthier, and safer skier! We’ll work on improving range of motion and preparing your joints to take a beating on the slopes. Stronger, more agile and flexible muscles will be able to handle the impact of skiing much easier and with less risk of injury. We’ll do low reps but high intensity in this class, and you’ll definitely notice a difference in your fitness and skill level the next time you go skiing.

Strength and conditioning comes in many forms, but at Town Strength we truly make it work for you and your goals. Whether you’re looking to lose weight or want to be a better skier, our group fitness classes can help you achieve what you set out to achieve. Strength and conditioning is especially helpful because it targets the most important skills and systems your body needs to stay strong and healthy. It will improve your muscle endurance and strength, as well as your mobility — all of these will serve to help you function better on a daily basis but will also help you prevent injury.

Join us for the best group fitness classes in Boulder. We even have a convenient programming app that will allow you to monitor your progress at every stage!”