About Us

A Message to our Community


We are excited to announce that over the past several months, we have been working hard behind the scenes on a rebranding effort of our company, and that effective immediately, Bella Strength is now Town Strength.


We have been eager to connect with our community and would like to take this time to delve into what we are all about here at Town Strength. 

1) Our team is taking a hard look at what we are offering our community, how the fitness space is perceived, and how we can grow to be even more inclusive moving 2) Simply taking a look at where we are in the world today compared to only a few months ago. Mainly, that during the shutdown and throughout the last year, our community has shown us an incredible amount of support. Additionally, in taking a look at the equally incredible amount of divisiveness in the world today, we wanted to further instill in our community that we always have been, and always will be, welcoming of everyone.

We are all part of the same community, the same TOWN.

This continues to be a very difficult time for our community, the struggle for many individuals and some wonderful small businesses is not over. It’s easy to sit here and say that we are different, that this is a story about a business that will survive and thrive in the wake of so much adversity, but that’s not the story we want to tell right now. Instead, we want to change the way we look at the fitness world and specifically, reinforce how important it is that we have places like this in our community – we must also try and understand what it’s like to lack these special places.  

We are extremely fortunate that during the pandemic and shutdown we were able to retain nearly every one of our members. How? NOT because we are “the best gym”, with the best classes, best equipment, or even the best coaches. Instead, we feel that during especially challenging times, the individual attributes of a community tend to give much more to basic human needs. For instance, there are some places that by their very nature are welcoming and accepting to all who wish to show up and put in the effort to just get better. At Town, for those sixty minutes of class or individual training time, there is no room for anything else but the shared experience of hard work. Therefore, everyone is truly accepted for who they are each and every day. The person working out next to you may be very different in one way or another. You may never have crossed paths otherwise, but in the gym those differences become blurred. Especially when that same person also has a heavy barbell on their back and is pushing you to give your all. Over time, you develop a relationship and may even become friends. Regardless, a mutual respect is always earned.

By creating this sense of shared adversity and common purpose, our small neighborhood gyms have become a place of healing. They allow you to be free of all the filtered BS. No clickbait headlines, no unfollows, no comments section. In our town, everyone comes together regardless of racial or ethnic background, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious or political beliefs. We are there to sweat, and release, but inadvertently we create lasting friendships and bonds with people who we may have previously stereotyped, misunderstood, or even vilified on social media for using the wrong hashtag. 

As a result of this equal playing field and unfiltered perspective, these places also give their community another enormous advantage. Primarily, because they continue to serve their inhabitants by doing their greatest good outside of the gym. It could be a reference to get a new job, the motivation to run a marathon or try a new sport, a support system to get through a tough time at home, or just meeting someone to grab a beer with after a hard workout together. As human beings, it is in our nature to seek out and preserve places and communities like this, especially during difficult times. This is how we get stronger individually and in turn, how the community prospers.

If you live in or around Boulder, there are several great places like this. If any of these are already part of your life then consider yourself very lucky, and be sure to continue to support them and please give them the benefit of the doubt if any have trouble navigating the current landscape. Most importantly, take a moment to consider living in or even growing up somewhere that didn’t offer any of these places. How would your life’s circumstances have been affected? The more willing we become at just asking simple questions like this, the better we become at putting ourselves in other’s shoes, the more we will realize that our differences are in short supply. 

At Town Strength, our common purpose is to make you better outside of the gym and bring our community together through strength. We still have a lot of work to do…but we will get better, by continuing to work together. We appreciate all of our community’s support; past, present, and future. Thank you, and onward!

Don’t miss a beat.