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Until recently, if you wanted to hire a personal trainer, you needed to meet them in person. However, with the emergence of online personal training, clients can now remotely access world-class trainers. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has particularly increased the popularity of online fitness training as more people look for ways to keep fit at home. Research has revealed that adults need to engage in physical activity for at least 150 minutes every week to keep fit. So, why is online personal training as effective as regular personal fitness sessions? Read on to find out.

1. Find Trainers with Specific Expertise

When it comes to fitness, there’s no one-size-fits program. Clients have varying fitness needs based on their physique, lifestyle, age, gender, and other factors. Luckily, online connections allow clients to find trainers with specific expertise and offer packages tailored to their fitness goals. Some programs adopt direct-to-consumer training models that allow access to customizable exercises upon subscription. As such, you can find trainers offering quick fix 90-day challenges, exclusive weight loss sessions, muscle building challenges, and more. Also, the trainers check on your progress regularly, making adjustments to your fitness regimen.

2. Personalized Workout Plans

Online personal fitness programs begin with an initial consultation to discuss your;

  • Health and fitness goals
  • Fitness background
  • Workout preferences
  • Medical history e.g., surgeries, injuries

The information helps your trainer create a workout plan tailored to your fitness objectives. Most online fitness plans last from a few weeks to 12 months but your instructor can adjust the plan based on your progress. The workout sessions can be app-based, via digital spreadsheets or live video conferencing. The instructor may also schedule occasion check-ins over the phone, email, or video conferencing services like Zoom to discuss progress, challenges, and ways of improving the workout. This is an excellent time for you to ask questions about the workout or tips on nutrition.

3. Flexible Workout Sessions

With online personal training Boulder scheduling workout sessions is a breeze because you no longer need to follow someone’s schedule. You can work out whenever and wherever you want and still benefit from having a structured workout program. It explains why some online work out sessions last for as little as 30 minutes. This level of flexibility is particularly beneficial to clients who travel a lot. For example, the personal trainer can develop challenging bodyweight workouts for such clients as they barely access any equipment during travel.

4. More Affordable

Ordinary personal training can be costly especially if the gym requires clients to sign up for a membership on top of the training. This means you will be paying more than if you signed up for online fitness training. With online fitness sessions, you are only required to sign up at a fraction of the price to access the training plans.

5. Better Results

Regular personal trainers come off a tad expensive for most people. Fitness apps, on the other hand, can only do so much as they are often programmed and lack personal touch. Also, they can’t adapt to your workout regimen, body size, or environment. Online personal training programs resolve all such issues as you are dealing with real trainers. The programs are designed to collect data on your workouts and tailor your sessions to your needs.

6. Convenience

Working out in your garage, bedroom, or living room can be incredibly convenient. However, it is challenging to remain committed without a trainer or fitness club around you. A personal trainer comes in handy as they hold you accountable wherever you are and encourage you to complete the exercises. And since the sessions are tailored to your schedule, you can perform the required exercises at your pace.

Looking to fast track your fitness goals? Hire an online fitness trainer. They can help you achieve your fitness goals at your pace and on your terms. Remember to check their fitness background, education, and reviews to ensure they are legit. Also, ask if they have specific certifications from reputable organizations and the kind of clients they work with. Such information should help you find a trainer whose beliefs and goals are aligned to yours.

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