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“Everyone is laid back and friendly, but also serious about proper technique. I’m constantly being challenged and learning something new.”

Libby H.

“I’ve been a member at a lot of gyms and this by far is the BEST I’ve ever known! The owners are so supportive of the community and incredible coaches. LOVE it here and would recommend it anyone who is looking for a strength & conditioning studio or just a place to meet new people and have fun!”

-Tasha K.

“This gym is EQUIPPED. They’re loaded with barbells, kettlebells, squat racks, gymnastic rings, sleds, pull-up bars, rowers, bikes, and so much more. Basically everything you need and nothing you don’t. Also, everything is in pristine condition, and the gym is kept clean as a whistle.”

-Ben N.

“Everything we did was adjusted to my ability level. The atmosphere there makes me excited to try things I have never done before and then inspired to improve. I don’t really worry about looking silly, weak, or not being able to do something.”

-Rhae S.

All of the coaches are approachable, always there to answer questions and always seem to be having fun. I actually enjoy going to the gym again:)

-Brad M.

“All of the coaches are fun, friendly and experts in fitness. Workouts are challenging but engaging. I never find myself looking at the clock, and before I know it the class it over! I would highly recommend Town to anyone!”

-Nicole F.

“One of the more difficult parts of moving to Boulder was finding a new gym, and after trying a bunch I’m soooooo glad I found Bella Strength. You can tell that the whole staff cares about the quality of equipment, the members, and fostering a great environment.”

-Elias J.

Join our community today with a 21 day trial


Tired of that same old group class? Dreading another “workout” on the treadmill? Our proven Strength + Conditioning system is flexible and sustainable, in an environment and community that is actually fun to be a part of (you won’t want your workout to end)!



 No paid fitness models here. We’re athletes, professionals, business owners, parents, students, teachers and friends. Why should you care? Its not just about the latest equipment or the best coaching. The accountability and motivation to show up and do the work is a lot easier when you are surrounded by awesome people, not mirrors and machines! This is the key to making a fitness program sustainable!



We believe fitness is not “One Size Fits All.” Group classes not your thing? No Problem! We also offer personal training, remote coaching, and of course, 24/7 access to one of the best gyms in Boulder, CO. Want to switch things up? You can always try out different membership options as your training progresses or life circumstances change. This assures you never get derailed and can always continue to improve (aka flexible)!

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